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Our Mission

Our mission at Gleason Mountain Farms is to provide our local community with sustainably grown organic products while also promoting environmental stewardship and supporting our local economy.

Who We Are

The History
We may never know the true origins of this story, but as family legend has it Jackie and Mike Gleason decided in 1976 they needed a change. The idea was to down shift away from the busy suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey and get back to nature in a more rural setting. How they chose Schenevus, NY as the place to plant roots is a bit of a mystery. It is a fact that once they sat in the kitchen of the house on Sperry Hollow and looked out on the mountain and down the beautiful valley they were sold. So, in December 1976, Jackie and Mike packed their 3 kids (Johnny, Missy and Denny) into their Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser and headed to Schenevus. Mike would eventually have to go back to NYC for work while Jackie held down the fort until he returned on weekends. His co-workers would kid around with Mike and ask him on Friday nights if he was heading back to Gleason Mountain and his family. So was born Gleason Mountain.

After 45 years on the mountain and many memories of graduations, weddings births and deaths it was time for the next generation to decide they needed a change that set in motion Gleason Mountain’s next chapter.

Johnny and his wife MaryGrace had sold their house in the suburbs of West Islip, Long Island and decided they also needed to down shift and start planning their next chapter. One day during hunting season while looking out that same kitchen window, MaryGrace suggested we better buy the surrounding property before someone else did, thus ensuring our view and hunting lands for years to come. The stipulation was she always wanted a Lavender farm, so was born Gleason Mountain Farms.

Our goal and dream is to restore the land to its former beauty and productivity by being good stewards of our Mountain and leaving a lasting impact for generations to come.

Meet the Crew

Co-Founder - In Memoriam

Michael B. Gleason
Mike (PopPop) grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey, met Jackie at 16 and married in 1964. As an avid outdoorsman living in the suburbs he always dreamed of living in the country. His sacrifice of working during the week in New York City and returning home Friday nights on the Trailways bus allowed the family to live his dream. It is his love of family and this mountain that inspires all of us to continue to build on his legacy.
Sunflower photo
Sunflower photo

Co-Founder & Head of Customer Service

Jackie C. Gleason
Jackie (Mema/ Mama G.) grew up in Bergenfield, New Jersey. In her Senior Yearbook she was voted biggest Flirt, well who best to put in charge of Customer Service. Jackie’s years of service at Jamesway and Schenevus Central School have created the Mama G. brand. She is known for her ability to tell it to you straight but with a smile and a laugh. You know you will be taken care of with Mama G.

CEO - Chief Enthusiasm Officer

MaryGrace Gleason
MaryGrace is the driving force behind the creation of Gleason Mountain Farms. Nobody would have guessed back in 1989 when MaryGrace married into the Gleason family that the girl from Long Island would be up early driving the tractor and brushing the back field and researching beekeeping. It was MaryGrace’s enthusiasm that all things are possible that drives the development of our family farm.
Sunflower photo
Sunflower photo

COO - Chief Optimism Officer

John A. Gleason
After 36 years on Wall Street, the decision to move “home” to Gleason Mountain was an easy one. The opportunity to build on what his parents started was too strong to keep him away. As COO, Johnny is focused on ensuring the farm is run with the goal of having fun and making memories.

Director of Firewood

Vinney Rinaldo
Vinnie is an honorary Gleason and has been affiliated with the Mountain since it was established in 1976. After a successful career in sales at M&M, Vinnie has shifted to developing product, markets, and characters for Gleason Mountain Farms Firewood Division. As Director of Firewood, Vinnie is responsible for all aspects of sustainable cultivating firewood for local sale. This includes being responsible for building the Annual Gleason Mountain Massive Barnfire!!
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